RSS Feeds

RSS is a tool that could be very useful to teachers. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It allows websites to inform others of new information or content that is available. Teachers could use this tool to keep up to date with resources and current news in the world of education and implement strategies. It will allow for teachers to access this information with minimal effort. It eliminates the time of researching the information. It can be sent to them when new content is available. This also allows teachers to evaluate the  information to decide  what is valuable and ignore what is not pertinent to them.

RSS also allows teachers to stay current on what is happening in the content area in which they teach. It will allow for more spontaneous learning and teachable moments. They can use these feeds as resources for their students to conduct research.

RSS will also help teachers collaborate with other teachers. Teachers will be able to post difficulties they are having with content, assessment, or behavioral issues. They will also be able to share their successes with other educators. Teachers will be able to use RSS to scaffold off of one another. The most interesting aspect of this is that teachers will be able to do this with other teachers who may be located in other school divisions, provinces, or countries.

I think that RSS can personally help me for the aforementioned reasons, and I will be able to more effectively communicate with parents and people in the community. I will be creating a RSS feed for our school web page. This will allow parents, guardians, and the community able to find out what is happening at the school and be aware of upcoming events. This will create a better relationship with the community as they are able to be informed as to what is happening. It will allow for all members of the school community to be reminded about and prepared for events at the school.

I will also show teachers at our school how to create a RSS feed for their class web pages. This will also allow them to communicate more efficiently and often with parents and guardians. The parents and guardians will have the opportunity to support their child’s learning. They will be informed when field trips occur,  homework responsibilities, and how to enrich their child’s learning.

Here is a link to my Google Shared Items

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