Module 1 Reflection

Module 1 Reflection

  1. Where are you now, in terms of your own teaching and professional practice and the inclusion of educational technology in that process?
  2. What kind of change do you hope to see as a result of this class?
  3. How might your knowledge and experiences influence the actions of those around you?

Incorporating technology into each of my learning plans (units) is a priority of mine. After reading the article Computer-based technology and learning: Evolving uses and expectations I feel I still need to continue to improve my use of technology. The rubric “Phases of Computer Based Technology and Learning” made me realize that several of the ways I incorporate technology is in Phase 2. My learning plans need to include connecting with people/experts through the Internet or other telecommunication resources, inclusion of technology data tools, and utilization of multi-tiered collaboration among students and parents. Some examples of how I incorporate technology into my class are by having an up to date Wiki Space. I use it to inform parents and students of assignments, provide links for students to investigate material being facilitated, and a discussion board that allows students to collaborate. We also have a blog for students to share their ideas and keep an on-line journal. Our school division is in the process of ensuring our web-based student information site includes access to student assessment information and tracking. I constantly prepare learning plans that are inquiry in nature and allow students to use technology to explore the answers to their questions. They also use technology to display what they have learned. The technology I incorporate also allows students with special needs or who learn in different ways (multiple intelligences) the ability to gain the knowledge they need to experience success.


I want to have a better knowledge of what educational technology is. Through my understanding of education technology I hope to be able to ensure that the teachers at my school and I are using technology for authentic and practical reasons. I want to ensure that we are not using technology for the sake of using technology. This line is a bit blurred to me. I cannot see a reason why using technology in most circumstances is detrimental to my students. As I reflect on my experiences in education (as a teacher and a student at Boise) I see the use of technology increasing rapidly. There are very few tasks in my job as a grade five teacher and vice principal or a student at Boise State University where I don’t use some form of technology.


I look forward to discovering resources applicable to my staff and myself through this class. I have been able to share the knowledge I have gained in many of my classes at Boise State University with my staff. Although this class has only begun, I feel that I will be able to share with my staff why we use technology. The knowledge I gain will be used to start rich conversations about our use of technology and learning theories that support the use of technology. The learning theories that we study will lend itself to other rich discussions about the way we facilitate learning in our classrooms.

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