Module Two

The readings for this module were difficult for me. I had to reread many articles and chapters. I must be a hands on learner. I really enjoyed the classes that I have taken where I create something. It was very practical as I could apply it to my classroom. I appreciate theory classes. They insist that you take a look at your practice and find out what you are doing. It also determines if you need to shift your focus to ensure that your students are being guided in a manner that fits the context and their readiness.

I definitely practice and believe in constructivist learning more than the other major schools of thought. I ensure that my students have the opportunity to explore the world around them and the world available to them virtually. The students solve problems and create new problems. They help come up with the big ideas for our unit of study and the essential questions. They are taught specific tasks that will enable them to complete their projects. I enjoy giving my students options to explore and display their work. My classroom, viewed from a person looking in, would appear to be controlled chaos. They would see students working collaboratively to solve problems and share knowledge.

My learning plans, at times, do incorporate all major schools of thought into my learning plans. Behaviourism – It is important that I am able to measure students’ success with the outcomes taught by providing them with a pre-assessment and the assessment tool that will be used to summatively assess their ability to achieve the outcomes. I also use software that is drill and skill to reinforce math facts and spelling lists. Cognitivism – My learning plans also include many advanced organizers. I structure and organize the information I facilitate for optimal understanding by the students. I also ensure that the students are able to connect the new information they are learning with previous information they already have.

It is important for me to ensure that all major schools of thought influence my learning plans. The readings during this module helped me to realize that there are times when all schools of thought are valid in facilitating learning plans. There is no right or wrong school of thought. The way in which my learning plans are delivered depends upon the context, readiness of the learner, and the learning styles of the students in my room.

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