Module Three Reflections

This module appeared less difficult than it actually was. We began by reading an additional chapter in our textbook. I chose to read and reflect upon the chapter “Lessons From Everyday Reasoning in Mathematics Education: Realism Versus Meaningfulness”.  I was not shocked by some of the information that I read, but I was a bit surprised. I found it interesting that there was plenty of language in the article that included the terms may or can.  I thought that there would be more definitive results.

I feel that the article leads into my final paper well. I will be writing a paper about differentiated instruction and technology. Differentiated instruction is a process of ensuring that what students learn, how students learn, and how students demonstrate what they learn matches their readiness level, interests, and the way the learn best. I feel that is why there was so much language that was not definitive. For instance, in the chapter I read they talked about how visual expression, such as diagrams and pictures, can help learners explain unrelated elements. That would lead me to believe that if the student wasn’t a visual learner, then diagrams and pictures are not going to be of significance to them.

The chapter also reinforced several beliefs that I have about teaching. Teachers need to provide a variety of instructional strategies to ensure that students have the best chance of being successful. They need to integrate technology into their learning plans. It will not ensure students achievement, but it may enhance learning. Teachers must also help students make connections to content that they are learning. It is not guaranteed, but it may help learners to comprehend new or abstract information.

I had a difficult time finding information that linked technology and differentiated instruction. There is not a substantial amount of information regarding those two areas. I was able to find enough valid peer reviewed or referred journals to make many valid points for my paper. I was also able to find some information on differentiated instruction and learning theories. In my paper, I would like to go in-depth about what differentiated instruction is, what learning theory it follows, and what role technology has in differentiated instruction. This paper will be very practical and meaningful to me. I am the vice principal of an elementary school. One of our goals for the unforeseeable future will be to ensure that we are differentiating our learning plans. I am also the person who does the budgeting at our school. I will be able to ensure that we have the technological resources at our school to ensure that we are incorporating technology into our differentiated learning plans.

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