ID Job Description

Job: Instructional Designer

 Synthesis Job Description

As the instructional designer for our company you will be responsible for designing, developing, and initiating innovative learning plans. You will ensure that our employees have the skills and knowledge to be at the cutting edge of our industry.


1. Create an inclusive training program and training methodology, including the design, development, implementation, and evaluation.
2. Maintain, develop, and distribute e-learning courses offered through our Education Administration System.
3. Manage and integrate the involvement of other of experts to ensure project success.
4. Design, develop, and deliver training programs for employees.
5. Manage project teams and provide guidance and coaching to project staff.


1. 3-5 years developing, planning, and implementing training programs in an e-learning environment
2. University degree in education or business
3. Certification in instructional design

 Preferred Skills:

1. Expertise with differentiating learning plan to fit the needs of all learners.
2. Expertise in curriculum design.
3. Expertise in project based and inquiry learning.
4. Expertise in assessment and evaluation.
5. Experience of working collaboratively in a team environment

Questions for Reflection

1. What are teachers expected to do that instructional designers are not?

My job experience is an elementary school teacher and administrator. A teacher is responsible for the well being of their students. They also have to focus on the human aspect of their learners. They are not only facilitating learning, but they are also educating the whole child. They are concerned with all aspects of the learner (physical, mental, social, and spiritual).

2. What are instructional designers expected to do that teachers are not?

Instructional designers are responsible for the creation of the curriculum, learning plan, and the assessment of the learning. Teachers, while they may have to adapt or modify the curriculum, are not responsible for creating it. Many instructional designers are responsible for the creation of the curriculum to meet the learners’ needs. There are very extensive experience requirements for many instructional designers.

 3. What are the three major differences between a teacher and an instructional designer?

 This is a question that I am struggling to find the answer to. I am not convinced that there are a significant amount of differences between the two. I have never looked closely at a instructional designers job description or responsibilities before. Now that I have, I do not see anything in there that do not do in a grade five classroom. I understand that the main difference may be that one designs curriculum (instructional designer) and one delivers it (teacher). Instructional designers may also need to be subject matter experts whereas the teachers where I work need to be generalists.

 Here is the way I look at this question, I am not sure that one can be successful at writing curriculum if they have never delivered it. Teachers also need to be able to design or write curriculum (for students with special needs or students that are gifted). I have a better understanding of what I do as a teacher than what an instructional designer does. Based on my readings so far, there are few significant differences.

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