Ed Tech 543 Twitter and Hashtags

Here are the hashtags that I chose to follow:

#educoach: This hashtag is a resource for helping coach educators. As an administrator I should try to be present everywhere (after school, before school, recess time, and in classrooms). I also picked up an excellent resource for formative assessment (http://www.edutopia.org/groups/assessment/250941 ).

#cpchat: This hashtag follows educational leadership. While I was perusing the tweets I can across a link to leadership quotes (http://ericjacobsononmanagement.blogspot.ca/2013/09/35-leadership-quotes-that-inspire-me.html). I also read about eight leadership essentials. They made me realize that I am on the right path and that I do a good job of following these recommendations (http://esheninger.blogspot.ca/2013/09/eight-leadership-essentials.html?m=1).

#mathchat: This is a wonderful hashtag to follow to get some excellent resources for math. It is very current. I found a neat link about using lego in math (http://nurturestore.co.uk/lego-math-games).

#edadmin: This is great hashtag for administrators. There are many topics that are easy to follow and have relevant information as an in-school administrator. This article http://smartblogs.com/education/2013/09/18/digital-leadership-for-administrators/ had some tips for how to be a technology leader in your school. The most important thing I learned was lead by example and take risks.

#ptchat: Parent/Teacher chat is a hashtag where teachers and parents chat about issues in education. They have a main chat once a week. The topics that were available to be research included family management techniques, ways to engage parents in project based learning, apps for staying organized, parent volunteer advice, and how to gage the appropriate amount of time your child spends participating in extracurricular activities.

I think that Twitter has some excellent opportunities for professional development. I enjoyed reading the tips and advice. My concern is how I can manage the amount of opportunities that are available for professional development. In my life, I am receiving an exorbitant amount of professional development. Through my school division I attend at least one professional development opportunity each month. I also subscribe to ASCD magazine and enjoy reading it cover to cover. I also spend fifteen hours or more working on this class. I am at my limit on the amount of information I can process and use effectively. One thing I value is that this class has provided me with the tools to find professional development opportunities after I have completed my Masters.

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