Discovery, Professional Practice, and Blog Performance

This course taught me a lot about social media. I did not use a significant amount of social media (in fact almost nothing). I could not get over the negative stigmas that involve social media and education. I have heard how it can be a place where people have no accountability and they use it to complain and slander others. I did not think that there would be an important role for it to be used in education. I discovered that there were many valuable ways in which social media could be used as a strategy in my classroom and as a professional development tool.

There are many ways in which I will implement social media into my professional practice. I have already accessed Pinterest on several occasions to locate resources for some the classes in which I teach. Many of my staff members use it for recreational purposes, but some also use it as a professional resource. I have also provided two in-services for colleagues of mine who are looking for a way to connect more often and more in-depth with their parents. I have several staff members who are now hosting a Facebook page for their classroom. Two other staff members are using Twitter as a communication tool with their students for assignments and activities in their classroom. I also have a teacher who sends out message almost daily to the parents/guardians of her students. She sends them information about classroom current events. She also Tweets suggestions from students regarding things that they have learned.

I will also be using some social media tools to communicate what is happening in my classroom. I will be using Twitter to allow students to reflect on what they have learned in class and we will also be using Twitter to have classroom discussions. I feel that it is an excellent voice for students to participate in class activities. It gives a voice to students who may not otherwise speak up in a whole class discussion. I also really enjoyed learning about all of the different hashtags that relate to education. I found the professional development that Twitter offers to be very worthwhile. I will continue to follow many different hashtags for my own learning.

My blog performance met all of the requirements of the course. I have two blogs that both pertain to the courses that I have taken at Boise State University. I enjoy blogging more so now than I did when I began taking courses. It really provides a time for me to reflect on my learning. I believe that blogs are a wonderful tool for education. In the past classes that I have taught I have had my students keep a blog. It is a relevant way to create a PLN and a personal learning environment. I have encouraged my staff to use social media, in particular a blog, to set up a collection of what they have learned, resources they have collected or created, and to connect with other professionals. I think that my blog performance was done well and it displays a lot the knowledge that I gained from this class.

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