My name is Chris Mason. I am a vice principal of an elementary school in Dalmeny, Saskatchewan, Canada. I am in the process of completing my Masters Degree in Technology Integration. I am attending Boise State University. This site will be an archive and evergreen workspace for the information that acquire during my degree.

I have completed the following classes to date at Boise State University in the Master of Educational Technology:

  • Ed Tech 501 Introduction to Education Technology
  • Ed Tech 502 (was Ed Tech 573) The Internet for Educators
  • Ed Tech 503 Instructional Design
  • Ed Tech 504 Theoretical Foundations of Educational Technology
  • Ed Tech 505 Evaluation for Educational Technologists
  • Ed Tech 513 (was Ed Tech 583) Multimedia
  • Ed Tech 542 Educational Games and Technology
  • Ed Tech 541 (was Ed Tech 575) Integrating Technology Into the Classroom Curriculum
  • Ed Tech 597 Introduction To Edutainment

I was also given credit for a class that I completed at Harvard University Graduate School of Education:

  • Teaching to Standards with New Technologies

Currently, I am in the process of completing my ePortfolio. This is the final requirement for the M.E.T. Masters program.


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