EdTech Goals

Hi, my name is Chris Mason. This is my EdTech blog. I have just entered the EdTech Master of Educational Technology program. I have completed four classes already and I was given credit for a class that I completed with the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. I enjoy every class I have taken and find that the classes at Boise State are very practical and allow me to implement the knowledge I have gained into my job immediately.

I chose the Master of Educational of program at Boise State because a colleague of mine was enrolled here. She was my principal at the time. She told me about how valuable the classes that she took were to her. She enjoyed the flexibility of the classes and the assistance that the professors of her class provided her. She talked very positively of her experience. I was very intrigued and enrolled.

Technology is vital to education today and I realized that I wanted to have a leadership role in its facilitation. The classes that I have taken thus far have provided me with that ability. I have been able to learn how to use technology that many of my colleagues are only beginning to learn or have not been exposed to. It has also given me the opportunity to try new teaching strategies in my classroom that integrate technology. The knowledge and skills that I have gained to this point have allowed me to be a presenter at teacher conferences and co-teach with my peers and demonstrate the advantages of technology.

One of the requirements for my job as an in-school administrator is to pursue a post-graduate degree. I feel that my choice to pursue a Masters of Educational Technology was a great fit. This degree has allowed me to be an instructional leader, a technology go to person, and have a thorough knowledge of the curriculum. The classes that I have participated in have allowed me to learn new strategies (EdTech 532, Educational Games and Simulation), identify relative advantages for choosing technology integration strategies and resources for teachers (EdTech 541, Integrating Technology Into the Classroom), and learn technical skills of multimedia production (EdTech 513, Multimedia).

I feel that I have learned so much in my short time in the program. I look forward to continuing to be a student and life long learner at Boise State in the Master of Educational Technology program. I also believe that this degree will be of great value to me when I am finished. I will have the ability and skills to continue to learn. It has allowed me to collaborate with other educators from a variety of backgrounds. It gives me confidence to know that I have a network of experts in the field of education that I can call upon at anytime for their opinions and advice.


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